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Woman thinking about her options.
Woman thinking about her options.

Abuse occurs in families, relationships, and other important life situations, like work or school.  Find out what abuse can look and feel like, and learn what you can do to make things better.  From the Index Page  you can select topics to explore your concerns.  Many of the articles contain links to additional information.  The Books Page connects you with books available to buy or obtain from your local library, and links to the websites of many of our authors and researchers.  Stories  takes you to real-life stories.  Read our series on Helping Children Cope with Abuse, Neglect and Trauma to get practical information you can use today.  

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This website does not offer legal advice or referrals.  Obtaining shelter, services, therapy, police protection, protective orders, divorce, or child custody arrangements – any or all of which may be part of your process – are handled where you are, not online.  The information here can help you decide which service you might require, and how to help you make best use of what is around you.  The more you know from experts about abuse and abusive situations, the better you will be able to communicate your needs and stay in control of what happens.  At this time in your life, knowledge really does equal power.


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