What Can This Website Do for You?

This is a safe space to think about your options

Survive Personal Abuse.org offers  high-quality information for people who are in destructive, even dangerous, situations they can’t easily walk away from.  These can include employment, family, and religious community situations, as well as current and past relationships.

At this site, we provide background information you can use to decide if abuse is what you are experiencing, and what to do about it.

Take a breath, read a few pages that relate to what’s on your mind right now.  Our intention is that you feel a little clearer about what you are facing, and comforted to know you are not alone.  Many others have conquered problems like yours and gone on to live safe, fulfilling lives.

Thank you for spreading information you find here via e-mail and social media, and, again, for using the Contact link in the HOME menu list to leave your feedback and suggestions.  If Survive Personal Abuse.org is helpful, learn about supporting us with an online donation.

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