You Must Hide Your Internet Use

Woman thinking about her options

The ONLY way to make sure a controlling person can’t investigate your internet searches is to use a computer or phone he doesn’t know you are using.  Panic buttons (a quick-close option for your browser page) may keep your supervisor from noticing you are buying shoes online during work hours, but they are not up to the task of keeping you safe from someone who tracks of your every move with GPS and may also be recording your computer keystrokes.

Nevertheless, you still need to know how to clean up after yourself on the computer or phone you decide is your safest option.  Control+W immediately closes an internet browser, but leaves the history of your visits intact so you also need to learn how to clear a record of your page visits after every use.  Surprises can still happen.  When someone following you types in the search bar in Safari or Google, for example, a helpful “autofill” pops up to reveal recent search words.

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